Osprey Watch Report: 23 June 2013 – and update from a dry Cafe!


The forecast was for heavy rain showers and it was right! Unfortunately the camera feed was off all day which was very frustrating because there was nothing to show visitors when mist prevented us seeing anything from the view point. There were about 41 visitors, including some from Holland. Most seemed very interested in talking about ospreys even though they could see very little. The afternoon brought very heavy rain that we saw advancing across the lake from the nest direction. High winds made the water very choppy so we think the male did no fishing.

Nest 1. In the intervals between the rain the female was seen on the nest and the male on his favourite tree to the left. At 14.07 he flew onto the nest but went back to his tree after a few minutes. She then left for a quick comfort break. Otherwise very little seemed to happen.

Nest 2. No camera feed so nothing to report.

Sue, Joyce and Neil

Update from the comfort of Kielder Castle Cafe!

Poor volunteers on Osprey Watch today, and their hardy visitors; very little joy for them in the wet and windy weather with no Nest 2 coverage to fall back on. Unfortunately the problem with the Nest 2 stream affected Kielder Castle Cafe and Visitor Centre too. Radio Branch have been alerted!

But the Nest 1 ‘long view’ footage was still available at the Cafe, albeit very difficult to see at times either when the heavens opened or when the gusts really rocked the tree to which the camera is secured. Or both at once!

As the team reported, not a huge amount happened. Mrs YA was hunkered low on her chick(s) when the rain was teeming. YA was often looking on from one of his favourite trees. Around 13.00 there was a calm-ish period and Mrs YA had a short flight then sat preening; this is essential because it keeps her feathers waterproof with a waxy secretion from the preen gland. YA came onto the nest with a stick – not a frequent activity for him! As he decided on the best place for it Mrs YA went off and re-appeared after a couple of minutes with another stick. The pair fiddled around with their finds and some bark for a while. Straining the eyes to see a tiny head above the side of the nest wasn’t rewarded. The chick(s) would still be lying low even in the drier spells, especially with no food on offer.

The rain really was torrential at times and on Nest 2 the size of the three chicks would have made protecting them tricky. Without the nestcam we will have to hope the adults managed to do a good job and the family are all well and safe. A better forecast for the next few days, thank goodness.

YA flies in with a stick (c) Forestry Commission

YA flies in with a stick
(c) Forestry Commission

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