Osprey Watch Report: 22 June 2013

Frequent short showers today with sunshine too, so much covering and uncovering at the view point. A total of 93 visitors included two or three coach parties, three sets of teenagers and the rest family groups, couples and individuals. Interest extended to the technicalities of the telescopes, particularly from a group of teenagers, and from a lady who brought her own telescope to the viewpoint and took it in her stride that others ‘adopted’ it. A young Sea Cadet took a great interest in all matters to do with ospreys and osprey watching: his mother had to call him away! As always we were impressed by the knowledge of visitors who had visited us before or who had visited other osprey sites in the UK, and had watched osprey items on wildlife and local news programmes. An unusually heavy shower at 3.45pm brought an end to the outside watch, but interest continued within the shelter of the Boat Inn, where Lynda found herself talking to a coach party of 20 as they watched the screen.

Nest 1 – Adult observed all day on the nest, head up often, and two heads observed at times, and at least one fish was delivered. Visibility varied rapidly through the day from good to poor. From what we saw, all seemed well on Nest 1.

Nest 2 – Female hunkered down shielding chicks much of the day, and attentive to them, but also took a couple of short breaks to stretch her wings – cannot have gone far and back quickly. Nothing adverse observed in these absences. Male brought in fish at 1pm with feeding activities. He came in again at about 3.30 but only with quite a long stick – chicks seemed worried about this being wafted about above their heads! Calmed down when it was fixed in place. All day the chicks looked well cared for and sheltered by the female adult.

 Lynda, Joe and Dave

The team’s point about the enthusiasm of visitors should be endorsed. Nest 1 is almost two miles from the view point but people are almost all very appreciative of seeing an osprey with their own eyes, even when it is just a head above the parapet! And the volunteers deserve a hand too, especially when they are in and out in poor weather.

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2 Responses to Osprey Watch Report: 22 June 2013

  1. Lesley Knight says:

    We were lucky enough to see the male on his way home to nest 2 over Elf Kirk viewpoint at 3.20 on 22 June, but he did not appear to be carrying the stick at this time.

    • joannadailey says:

      Good that you saw him, Lesley. He often picks up sticks from the clear fell round the nest area – less far to travel with them, maybe!

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