Osprey Watch Report: 19 June 2013

It was hot and sunny with a bit of a breeze on Wednesday. 106 visitors came to Leaplish, including at least 2 school groups from primary to sixth form; and visitors from California, Ontario, France and across the UK.  All were very enthusiastic and interested in what’s happening with the ospreys. Lots of questions.
Nest 1 was observed through telescopes and a heat-haze due to the camera feed still not working at Leaplish. There appeared to be a lot of activity on the nest with lots of adult heads bobbing up and down and various comings and goings so we presumed there was feeding of chicks going on. We couldn’t be sure when fish were brought in but we did see a lot of activity of this sort between 3 and 3.30pm.
Nest 2 was observed from the camera feed which broke up a bit but did give us great close-up views.  There was frequent feeding activity throughout the day with all 3 chicks looking well and lively, whilst having comfortable snoozes in between times. Sometimes 2 adults were on the nest and, for a couple of minutes around 2pm, neither parent was in attendance. We observed preening by the adult on the nest and generally all looked calm.
We tried to keep a look out for fishing activity but didn’t spot any ourselves. However, we did have reports from visitors of a couple of sightings on other parts of the reservoir. We also had a report from one couple that staff at Tower Knowe had indicated that there might be a third nest. As they left the shop there, the couple spotted an osprey flying in the direction the staff had indicated. They were very excited!
Lynda, Joe and Nick
The Forestry Commission Rangers and ornithologist have not found a successful third nest this year although there are other ospreys flying about.  Ospreys are often seen at the dam and at least one has been upsetting Mr and Mrs 37 by landing on Nest 2 and flying low in that area.
One of our avid followers has written a poem about the crows that have been pestering Nest 1 which can be found here.

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  1. viv blake says:

    Thanks, Sally, for the publicity! It’s only a very tiny poem.

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