More on the action on Sunday

Early feed on Nest 1 (c) Forestry Commission

Early feed on Nest 1
(c) Forestry Commission

The Osprey Watch team caught quite a lot of action on Sunday, as described in their Report in the post below. On Nest 1 fish was delivered to the nest twice during the morning, once before the Watch had set up. Mrs YA did the feeding both times although YA stays to watch for a bit. He was in the area around the nest much of the time.


Mrs YA tidies the nest (c) Forestry Commission

Mrs YA tidies the nest
(c) Forestry Commission

But perhaps Mrs YA thinks he is a bit deficient in some aspects because she spent some time in mid afternoon moving sticks and moss around the nest after YA had visited with a solitary stick. If her actions were hints that she wanted some more ‘furniture’ they missed the mark! When Mrs YA is sheltering the chick(s) she is noticeably higher in the nest than when incubating.


Some long necks! (c) Forestry Commission

Some long necks!
(c) Forestry Commission

The Nest 2 chicks grow overnight! Chick 3 is still slightly smaller and lighter coloured but soon it may be hard to recognise the age hierarchy. The eldest chick is walking almost without stumbing whereas the other two are still at the ‘stand up, tipple forward’ stage mainly. The chicks practise preening their down, just like the adults with their feathers.


tea time (c) Forestry Commission

tea time
(c) Forestry Commission

A little bit of bullying has been observed, especially when an adult is off the nest or not looking! Sometimes the chicks can hardly rally themselves for another meal. Several large trout have been delivered by 37 recently – he’s definitely found a good spot! When Mrs 37 started feeding the gang just before 16.00 chick 3 was in line with the others but backed away. After a couple of minutes he (or she) started shouting and begging, but didn’t move up to the line for some time and Mrs 37 ignored him until he did.

Click on any of the images above to enlarge. A new video of 37 feeding the chicks on Sunday morning can be seen here – sorry it is a bit jerky, streaming issues early today.


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2 Responses to More on the action on Sunday

  1. Elizabeth B says:

    Joanna, thanks for the lovely video of the growing chicks. Its amazing how big they’ve got in just 2 weeks. I loved the way they were asleep all intertwined, but felt sorry for chick 3 when chick 2 was pecking him, he got his head down and tried to ignore it. How old were the chicks last year when the bad weather set in and you lost some? Have they got to a point now where they’d be able to survive some inclement weather?

    • joannadailey says:

      The chicks are doing really well, a joy to see. Last year the weather was chilly and damp from a couple of days after the first chick hatched on Nest 2. It was often windy too and the supply of fish was less frequent because of the conditions. Although the chicks are getting their second down they are still unable to fully regulate their temperature and aren’t waterproof until they get feathers. It’ll be about another week before the feathers start to appear. But they should be able to survive a short period of poor weather now. Two of the three fledged last year despite the bad conditions.
      Minor bullying is fairly common but aggression can result in death in extreme cases. Chick 2s pecking looked a bit more vicious than usual. Given they aren’t having to compete for food it seemed unnecessary. And chick 1 apparently agreed, although I suspect that is attributing human values to them!

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