A lovely day at Kielder

On Friday morning it was sunny and there were lovely scenes on both osprey nests.

On Nest 1, YA was around virtually all the time. Either in a tree or from on top of the camera pole he kept a close eye on his family. He had a mid morning snack beside them before Mrs YA fed their chick(s) again. It will be a couple of weeks before (hopefully) they are big enough to see above the side of nest. And that will only be on the ‘long view’ camera, not from the Osprey Watch view point for a bit longer. But visitors should get plenty of views of YA if he remains as attentive!

On Nest 2, the chicks were asleep much of the morning but rallied when 37 came in with a fish at about 10.40. Almost overnight the two eldest chicks are looking much more grey with their second down. Chick 3 is now more obvious being paler, but its size is not significantly different to the elder pair. After another snooze it was time for yet more food when 37 brought more trout to the nest at about 11.55. By 12.10 they had collapsed and Mrs 37 sheltered them whilst having a nap herself. But by 12.45 she decided to have some trout herself, which roused the chicks for an odd mouthful!

A new video of the growing chicks on Nest 2 is available here

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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