Osprey Watch Report: 12 June 2013

Ian from the Forestry Commission Radio Branch fixed the screen this morning inside the Boat Inn where Nest 2 can now be viewed.

Which was a big help as it started off quite murky at Kielder today with no real views of either nest till 10.45 when the male on Nest 2 brought in a nice large fish and the chicks and Mum ate well. Another large fish was brought in at 12.50. There was bit of excitement at 14.40 when the female mantled and seemed agitated followed by the return of the male. They were both looking skyward and unsettled. Then a large unidentified intruder osprey arrived but was soon seen off by Mrs 37.

Nest 1 was a more peaceful affair. From the view point we still cannot tell whether there has been a hatching yet and the female still remains low down in the nest with just a white head appearing now and then. There was one appearance when she got up but this may have been a comfort stop. The male spent a long time sitting on his favourite camera pole and on the tree to the left of the nest. At 14.30 the male flew off and around in front of the nest and disappeared for a time – probably gone fishing. He arrived back and was next seen at 15.15 leaving the nest and flying to the left.

We had a friendly and very interested visitor from Texas today who has fallen in love with Kielder. Coincidentally– she has been incubating for 8 months – and due to hatch in July!!!

It was a steady trickle of visitors today and totalled 75 which wasn’t bad considering the poor (and wrong) weather forecast ! Remember folks they don’t always get it right!!

Joyce, Don and Pam


From the Osprey Watch view point Nest 1 is higher and activity in the nest is harder to discern than from the ‘long view’ camera shown at Kielder Castle Cafe. Although there is uncertainty as the Report states, there have been some changes in behaviour outlined in a couple of earlier updates. Given the dates of egg laying it is likely hatching has started. Oh, how we’d love that nestcam to be working!


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