Osprey Watch Report: 9 June 2013 and Nest updates

Sunday at Kielder was muggy until after lunchtime when it became clearer and hot. Visitor numbers were quite low, about 80 people, including a couple touring who had come down from the Orkneys via the osprey ‘hot spots’ of Loch Garten and Loch of the Lowes. The visitors were appreciative of the ospreys despite the distance to the nest and the absence of a functioning screen at the Boat Inn.

As on Saturday, some behaviour was suggestive that there may be a hatch, but inconclusive.

There were a couple of sightings of fishing ospreys, one succeeding in catching a fish directly across the water from the view point! Tremendous! The second sighting was in a similar area but that osprey wasn’t as good and headed off towards the dam still empty taloned.

Tim, Christine and Neil


On Sunday (and Monday morning) at Kielder Castle Cafe intermittent observations of Nest 1 via the ‘long view’ camera were equally inconclusive. However, late on Monday there did seem to be a definite change in behaviour. YA was perched on a tree and Mrs YA was absent; YA went down into the nest after a while. As he sat on ?eggs ?egg(s) and chick (s) Mrs YA arrived back. She went into the nest and seemed to move a fish around – it was flexible, so not a stick. YA left and Mrs YA went back onto whatever was in the egg cup. She looked down a lot and shuffled. This behaviour was sustained. So, is there a hatch?

Followers may recall that 37 was on the eggs when the first sign of hatching was present, and when Mrs 37 took over her behaviour was exactly as seen on Nest 1 today. The dates are right for at least one egg to hatch, so it may well be the case that there is action at last. Such a shame about the nestcam and we need to see some evidence of tearing off bits of fish and the adult bobbing its head down to be certain. But it does look good!

Meanwhile, on Nest 2 the chicks thrive on plenty of fish brought in by 37. Mrs 37 makes sure all three young get a share; at least one usually collapses having had eyes bigger than its crop before feeding time is over! 37 is often there keeping an eye on things, but he hasn’t fed them again. There was another intruder about on Monday morning, but it didn’t come as near the nest this time.

Click on any image to play the slide show.

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  1. viv blake says:

    Thanks for the update.

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