Osprey Watch 8 June 2013: Report

Weather very hot today, but a light breeze which kept the midges away. We were a bit early setting gear up at 10:20 ish and some very keen visitors were eager to see our ospreys. As we set up our first sight was YA seeing off an intruder, couldn’t be certain if it was a buzzard or crow as I stepped aside for our early bird visitors to view. Unfortunately no screens were working to see any of this intrusion.

Things quickly settled and that seemed to set the proceedings for the day. YA was seen to sit on the tree to the right for a short spell around 11:00 then visited the nest later that hour having a quick “nose” about, not sure if he dropped a fish off but Mrs 37 was sitting up and very active, either eating or could there be news of an arrival!!! We would like to think so but without the nestcam we are left to speculate.

The first real sighting was spotted by Gillie – while engrossing visitors with the past months’ sagas an osprey was flying directly opposite Leaplish view point heading west. Was he our male from Nest 1?  She was not certain as he carried on his journey empty taloned….groan I hear.

As time went on there was not a lot to see but we kept our visitors happy with the information and we had a brilliant response from them all. It was around about 4pm as we were chatting to a few visitors when a male was spotted just above the shore of the Scout Camp at Hawkhirst to the left of us and what a show he put on for us, everyone managed to follow him with a running commentary from yours truly… are you listening Chris Packham?!

Anyway, he obviously had his eye on something as he circled around, then whoosh he dived, skimming the water only metres in front of a small boat with fishermen, which seemed to spook him as he took to the heights again. We still managed to watch him for a good while till he headed north west with nothing for his toils. That was a fantastic display for late visitors and especially for one young very keen lad with bird book and dad in tow who kept visiting us several times this afternoon. It made his day – and ours to see his joy.

May I take this opportunity to thank all our visitors – about 175 – for their enthusiasm, interest and comments. Despite not being able to see the footage on the screens it did not dampen their interest and that very keen young lad has a bright future!

Dave, Gillie and Ian

Comment: Intermittent checking of the ‘long view’ camera footage at Kielder Castle Cafe  did not confirm Dave’s hope that there might be a hatch. Mostly the female was sitting fairly ‘tight’ on whatever was under her, and she wasn’t seen to listen to the ‘pipping’ that chicks do prior to hatching. However, without the nestcam we can’t be sure and seeing Mrs YA in the nest when a fish is delivered, rather than on the edge, and her head bobbing down to feed a chick will be our likeliest confirmation.

Dave is an experienced birdwatcher so it is a shame he was so valiant in stepping aside for visitors early on! The intruder may have been the same osprey that has visited Nest 2 over the last couple of days, rather than a buzzard or crow. However Nest 1 does get troubled by both these species so we’ll never know!

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2 Responses to Osprey Watch 8 June 2013: Report

  1. viv blake says:

    I hope they get that camera feed fixed soon! You all had a good day anyway.

  2. joannadailey says:

    Unfortunately part of the problem can only be resolved by going to the camera itself which you’ll realise isn’t possible until any chicks are a few weeks old. The ospreys’ safety and avoiding any disturbance is paramount, as I’m sure you’ll agree, Viv. At least we do have the long view camera feed this year.

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