A calmer afternoon for Nest 2

By late lunch time on Friday the ospreys on Nest 2 seemed to have forgotten the trauma of an intruder (see here for video). 37 brought a trout in, and stayed on to share in the feeding of the chicks. He is a ‘new man’ osprey in that respect – incubating relatively often for a male and not necessarily stopping when Mrs 37 comes back. Also he wants to share in feeding at an early stage. The chicks are doing very well. After last year when the constant rain and cool weather led to the loss of a chick on this nest, despite the best efforts of the parents, it is such a delight to see three healthy chicks thriving in the sunshine. In 2012 we never saw three strong ospreys hungry for a morsel. See below and share in our delight!

A few images of a family lunch. Click on one to show them as a slide show.

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2 Responses to A calmer afternoon for Nest 2

  1. thehutts says:

    Hoping the good weather continues for the nest 1 hatchings! Sally

  2. viv blake says:

    strong chicks but Oh so tiny! It’s hard to believe how quickly they turn into those mighty ospreys!

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