Celebrity Osprey Watch! Report for 5 June 2013

Jack Charlton with NWT volunteer Margaret (c) Joanna Dailey

Jack Charlton with NWT volunteer Margaret
(c) Joanna Dailey

A warm mainly sunny day resulting in a few problems from heat haze but good views of Nest 1 for most of the day. A steady stream of visitors totalling 110 in all, several of whom were involved in a charity fishing competition – including Jack Charlton, the key sponsor!

On arrival an adult, assumed to be the female Mrs YA, could be seen sitting in the nest and promptly at noon YA arrived and was thought to have brought in a fish lunch which they shared. Both were still on the nest at 12.25. Possibly remains of the same fish arrived soon after 1pm resulting in lots of head bobbing before one decamped into a tree to the right of the nest around 2pm where it could be seen preening and cleaning itself. Both were briefly at the nest before one again moved off to a tree to the right of the nest.

There was another short visit around 3.25 and the head of the incubating osprey was clearly visible in the sunshine, as it popped up to greet its mate. He/she was back again ten or so minutes later but this time did not stay.

At 3.45 one was seen flying around near the nest before landing on the camera pole, where it stayed for a good 10 minutes. Again it looked to be making fish delivery. By 4pm one of the adults was in the nest and the other, presumably YA, was again sitting in a tree but this time to the left of the nest.

There were a few sightings of buzzard and mallard and a fly past of 3 oystercatchers and the starlings were seen still visiting the nest in the hole of the nearby tree. The swallows and house martins swooped over and past us for much of the day and we were also entertained by both the adult and baby rabbits which seem to have no fear of humans!

A competitor with a 3lb 9oz trout, a bit big for an osprey! (c) Joanna Dailey

A competitor with a 3lb 9oz trout, a bit big for an osprey!
(c) Joanna Dailey

All in all a good demonstration of parental dedication and a good fishing day even if we didn’t see any of the fish being caught by the osprey or for that matter by the fishing competitors.

Joanna, Paul & Margaret

Comment: There has been a bit of change in behaviour recently, with fish being eaten on the nest edge rather than taken away to a nearby tree. Perhaps this reflects the nearness to hatching, when Mrs YA will eat on the nest and feed the chicks. A couple of years ago at Dyfi the nestcam captured the then resident female Nora apparently practising feeding a chick before hatching. Wish our nestcam was working as perhaps that is happening at Kielder!

Unfortunately the ‘long view’ camera stream and the Nest 2 nestcam were out of action for much of the day whilst Radio Branch worked on repairing the link.

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