Update on Nest 2

By late afternoon on Tuesday both chicks had eaten small amounts on a number of occasions; almost certainly more than seen  given the streaming problems, and 37s presence at times with a fish when an image reappeared.

Between 16.00 and 17.00 Mrs 37 had a few bites herself from the tail end of a fish. The chicks didn’t seem too bothered at first, but eventually started lifting their heads and stretching as tall as they could, especially what is probably chick 1. She fed the ‘best stretcher’ but went behind chick 1 and gave some morsels to the rear chick. Reminiscent of last year, when the poor little third chick seldom had the strength to raise its head at all, but she still tried to supply food when the elder two were sated. This year the wonderful weather is giving the chicks a great start – so much so that Mrs 37 was acting as a sun shade at times!

No sign yet of any cracks or holes in egg 3, but it is still early for it to hatch.

A video of the first sight of the hole in egg 2 on Monday is here. The streaming wasn’t good enough for videos today so here are a few snapshots.

A handsome family group (c) Forestry Commission

A handsome family group
(c) Forestry Commission

Mrs 37 makes an efforrt to feed the less demandind chick (c) Forestry Commission

Mrs 37 makes an effort to feed the less demanding chick
(c) Forestry Commission

Where's dad going? Chick 1 follows 37s flight away (c) Forestry Commission

Where’s dad going? Chick 1 follows 37s flight away
(c) Forestry Commission



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2 Responses to Update on Nest 2

  1. Elizabeth B says:

    Absolutely brilliant videos Joanna! Generally how long does it take for the egg to hatch? She seemed to leave the other eggs exposed for quite a long time….

    • joannadailey says:

      Hatching times vary and can be up to a couple of days, but more often nestcams in particular suggest it is around 6 to 12 hours from the ‘egg tooth’ creating a tiny hole to the emergence of the chick. A couple of hatches this year have been even quicker eg the Loch of the Lowes chick was under 2 hours from the first sight of a hole to hatch and Rutland Water’s Manton Bay second chick appeared equally speedy to get into the world.
      The Kielder weather has been warm and sunny over the last few days and the eggs will be fine if left uncovered for a time in such conditions and at this stage. Although it doesn’t look it on the videos, the nest is quite deep and the egg cup area is sheltered from any wind.

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