It’s been a cracking Monday!

At about 10.30 on Monday a small hole was visible in the shell of an egg on Nest 2. 37 had been incubating on and off, but Mrs 37 booted him out and took over for the big event. Over the morning she listened, checked the eggs and turned them every 10 minutes. By 13.22 the egg top had been removed by the chick and an hour later it was 3/4 out of the shell. 37 made visits to check progress and brought in a fish for Mrs 37 to eat beside her emerging youngster. She seemed to think of offering the chick a bite!

Then the moment we all wanted, at 14.40 37 came to the nest, Mrs 37 stood and there was the chick standing proud beside the shell!!! And it had the first fish of its life within an hour. What a strong one, he/she carries all our hopes for the future of this wonderful osprey family. MORE LATER!!

Yes, number one has arrived! (c) Forestry Commission

Yes, number one has arrived!
(c) Forestry Commission




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2 Responses to It’s been a cracking Monday!

  1. viv blake says:

    Three cheers for baby 37.

  2. marcelle hervo says:

    birth day baby, fantastic

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