Osprey Watch Report: 2 June 2013. A quiet day. And another photo!

Good news that we got the screen working in the Boat Inn showing Nest 2!! We were able to see Mrs 37 sitting tight all day on the nest looking very peaceful with the usual turning of the eggs. No one saw any fish deliveries from the Welsh male….

Views through the scopes from Leaplish showed that Nest 1 also appeared very quiet with the odd bob of a head. One visitor reported seeing an Osprey leave the nest around 12.10 but we were uncertain who this was.

Again on Nest 1 at around 3pm two birds were sighted on the nest with one leaving the nest shortly afterwards – was this a fish delivery?

It was a pleasant day weather-wise with no precipitation or midges and we had 106 visitors.

With little activity on Nest 1 is was good to have the screen at the Boat Inn up and running and there were small gatherings viewing Mrs 37 –all keen to be around to see the first hatching!

There were a few sighting of Buzzards, Mallards and Greylag Geese. The Starlings who nested in the hole of the nearby tree seem to have fledged.

We wait with bated breath for the imminent announcement of our first Kielder chick. The next Osprey Watch is Wednesday folks!

Don, Joyce and Paul

And here’s another lovely photo from Richard of an osprey showing off his catch. That first day of Osprey Watch will take some beating! Thanks again to Richard  for the share.

Majestic! (c) Richard Brackenridge

(c) R A Brackenridge

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