Osprey Watch Report: 27 May 2013 – and indoor OW!

A rainy Osprey Watch on Bank Holiday Monday (c) Roger Neilson

A rainy Osprey Watch on Bank Holiday Monday
(c) Roger Neilson

As the Watch was setting up it was raining, and continued to do so until mid afternoon. Visibility was almost zero with just the faint outline of the nest visible at times. No sign of anything moving and no sign of anything flying. Around 2.30pm the rain subsided significantly and almost perfect viewing conditions existed for a while. No heat haze, clear view. We clearly saw one osprey sitting on the nest with white head popping up and down, and the other on a tree to the left. At around 3 o’clock the tree osprey took off and landed on the nest, perching on the edge opposite the camera pole. near 4pm this one took off again and gave us a lovely view as, wings spread it flew skyward before heading to its tree perch again. That was it though. The water was badly disturbed so no chance of fishing for the day, very much a case for both of them of just sitting and waiting out the rain. Apart from the odd chaffinch, pied wagtail, oystercatchers and a crow no birds were flying at all.

Overall around 50 hardy souls braved the weather to have a look through the scopes and several were watching when the flights took place. Hopefully this was a ‘one off’ as regards the weather and future sessions will be rewarded with better views and drier days.

Report from Roger, Christine and Nick

Poor Roger and co, his e-mail with the Report was headed “I am damp”! The first ‘not so good’ weather day at Kielder Osprey Watch, but the silver lining was those views in mid-afternoon. The osprey in the tree to the left was almost certainly the male, YA, who does rather less incubating than his brother 37 on Nest 2.

A couple of the visitors watch the video loop, with Sally as their guide (c) Joanna Dailey

A couple of the visitors watch the video loop, with Sally as their guide
(c) Joanna Dailey

At the Northumberland County Show in a mock hide a video loop of the season so far  was rather better protected from the weather, and ospreys were guaranteed! Many visitors were interested by the history of our ospreys and some will hopefully get better weather if they make the trip to Kielder. At the moment it sounds more promising for next weekend, and because the Nest 2 eggs should start to hatch, drier and warm weather is highly desirable.

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4 Responses to Osprey Watch Report: 27 May 2013 – and indoor OW!

  1. viv blake says:

    Poor volunteers in the rotten weather. But at least the visitors saw some life.
    The video of Ospreys on Springwatch tonight was very dramatic, with more drama expected tomorrow. Sounds a bit like the goings on at Kielder earlier.

  2. Luke Oldroyd says:

    Hi I thought you might be interested to know that on Saturday the 26th May whilst we were fishing off the bank near Bakethin an Osprey swooped down and tried to take a trout we were reeling in out of the reservoir ! It grabbed it near the surface and flew off , letting go whilst flying away. It made a huge splash and the trout had puncture marks on it when we landed it. It was pretty amazing and I certainly have never seen anything like it – The Osprey looked big with massive wings. It circled for a bit afterwards but didn’t swoop back down for a second go.

    • joannadailey says:

      Luke, what a fantastic experience even if you were left with a holed fish! I’ll draw attention to this in the next post on the blog, many thanks for telling us.

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