Osprey Watch Report: 25 May 2013

The first Osprey Watch of the season started with a huge splash, literally! Not an hour had gone on a lovely sunny day when an osprey plunged into the water about 400m from the view point and caught a very large fish with which he struggled to emerge! It was a stunning and unforgettable sight for the volunteers and visitors. The osprey slowly gained height and flew off south suggesting he was 37, the male from Nest 2. A visitor captured some great photos which he will share with the blog when he gets home from his holiday.

Visitors enjoy the sun on Day 1 of Osprey Watch 2013 (c) Joanna Dailey

Visitors enjoy the sun on Day 1 of Osprey Watch 2013
(c) Joanna Dailey

About 150 people visited the view point during the day, quite a few from overseas, especially Holland and Germany. Many intended to return to use the telescopes again over the long weekend.

The only downside of the sun was considerable heat haze. Because eggs are being incubated at the moment the bird sitting on them is hard to see unless she pops her head up or stands to turn the clutch, and the haze made it even trickier to spot her. However the male YA was visible in a favourite tree for part of the day, and landed on the nest several times, a great sight for observers because even from nearly 2 miles away the size of the ospreys is most apparent in flight.

Some people saw (probably) YA near the far shore below the nest site; he brushed the water but didn’t get a catch and headed towards the dam. Later in the afternoon he visited the nest and could have brought a fish – one of the ospreys was on the nest edge dipping their head as if eating. PS Staff at Kielder Castle Cafe later confirmed YA brought a fish to the nest and it was him eating it on the edge!

So all in all most visitors took something positive away from their viewing, even if for some it was mainly seeing the incubating osprey on the Nest 2 camera which is being shown at the Boat Inn until the Nest 1 link is restored.

Gillie, Don and Joanna

PS There is a new video of Nest 2 here.

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One Response to Osprey Watch Report: 25 May 2013

  1. viv blake says:

    What a wonderful watch you’ve all had. And that video was really clear.

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