Osprey Watch 2013

Osprey Watch 2013 will start at Leaplish on Saturday 25 May and run until the osprey chicks from Nest 1 fledge, which if all goes well will be late August. It will run from 11.00 to 16.30 at weekends and on Wednesdays, although not 29 May because the watch will be open on Bank Holiday Monday 27 May instead.

Osprey Watch area (c) Joanna Dailey

Osprey Watch area
(c) Joanna Dailey

Telescopes will be provided with volunteers on hand to tell the ospreys’ story and help visitors. Nest 1 is about 2 miles away on the North side of Kielder Water, so even with the powerful telescopes the nest does not fill the eye piece view! At the moment, and for the next couple of weeks until the chicks start to hatch, one bird will be on the nest incubating but if she or he is really low on the eggs it may seem the nest is empty. Don’t be deterred though; the male White YA sits near the nest quite often so he may be visible or you may be very lucky and see an osprey hunting over the water. Take a ride on the Osprey ferry and you may even see two ospreys! And if you stay 20 minutes or so at the viewing point you will probably see the incubating osprey stand up to turn the eggs.

Problems with the link to the nestcam on Nest 1 mean that the screen in the Boat Inn, which is right by the viewing point, is showing action on Nest 2. So visitors will be able to get an overview of both pairs of ospreys’ progress.

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