Raining again. And not very warm.

A wet incubator! (c) Forestry Commission

A wet incubator!
(c) Forestry Commission

The less than ideal weather for incubation (and lots of other things!) is continuing at Kielder. On Saturday there were showers, on Sunday the forecast of showers in the afternoon was actually rain from about 10.45. And 6.5 degrees at noon at Kielder! It would have been cooler still at the nests. So unsurprisingly for most of the time the ospreys on both nests are hunkered down on their eggs. Let’s hope the weather improves sooner than the forecast suggests.

37 drops in and drops a stick on Mrs 37's back (c) Forestry Commission

37 drops in – and drops a stick on Mrs 37’s back
(c) Forestry Commission

There have been moments of light relief on Nest 2 though. 37 is continuing his nest repair quite methodically. He started at about a due west point on the nest as you look at it and he is nearing north now! Mrs 37 wasn’t best pleased when he brought in a large stick and dropped it on her back on Saturday. On Sunday morning she was even less happy about something. She mantled over the eggs, shouting. An osprey was seen swooping very low over the nest but not landing. The disturbance didn’t last long, but what was it? Possibly a buzzard or crow had approached the nest and the flying osprey was 37, off from lower on the tree to repel an unwelcome visitor. Or maybe it was another osprey altogether. The young non-breeding ospreys are returning now to UK shores and natal areas. Perhaps one on its way to Scotland thought it would check out Nest 2. More thrilling would be if it was a Kielder youngster returning to the area. Nest 1 fledged three young each year in 2009 and 2010; could it have been one of them? Eyes will be peeled! If you do see an osprey with a colour ring on the right leg it will be an English or Welsh bird. The Kielder chicks ring details are on our Timeline 2013 page.

Finally, there is a composite video of the highlights of 4-9 September on the Kielder Osprey Videos  page on vimeo.

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One Response to Raining again. And not very warm.

  1. viv blake says:

    If we’re fed up with this weather, I can imagine how much more uncomfortable those poor birds are.

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