Osprey Watch Training Day

Hopefully the Osprey Watch point at Leaplish will be open for the bank holiday weekend at the end of May.  Today the volunteers have had a training day to sort out any start of season teething problems and to train up new volunteers.

Setting up the telescopes at Leaplish (c) Sally Hutt

Setting up the telescopes at Leaplish
(c) Sally Hutt

The facilities at the Boat Inn have been upgraded.  There is now a small screen inside the Inn which is located near the doors to the patio. More people will be able to watch events unfold on the nest than when the screen was located in the small alcove near the bar. There is also a large screen outside to show images from the nestcam.  There are still a few issues with the operation of the screens, and the nestcam link to Nest 1.  We are currently unsure when the problems with the camera link will be resolved.  We will update the About 2013 page when opening times and days are finalised.

Joyce and Joanna setting up telescopes

Joyce and Joanna giving instructions on the setting up of the telescopes
(c) Sally Hutt

We had a very brief sighting of (probably) the female as she popped her head up above the side of the nest and an osprey was spotted flying around the lake whilst we were waiting for lunch.  For some of the new volunteers it was their first sight of an osprey, so a thrill! It quickly started to rain so the telescopes were out for just a short while.

We had some interesting talks on other facilities available for visitors in the area.  Those looking to combine adventure activities with their bird watching could consider stopping off at the Calvert Trust site.  The Calvert Trust charity was set up to provide respite care and adventure activities for people with disabilities but they cater for everyone.

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The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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4 Responses to Osprey Watch Training Day

  1. Greg Sanders says:

    Good luck for teh new season, hope we have a summer this year- will be popping over soon!

  2. Pete Law says:

    Pete and Marlene from Grimsby. Looking forward VERY much to our visit to Kielder in a few weeks time and the fact that the Ospreys will be there.Some years ago I decided not to bring my heavy camera and as we walked across the freezing wind swept dam.Not one,not two,but three Ospreys flew around us. Always have ya camera. See you soon

    • joannadailey says:

      Hi Pete and Marlene, hope to see you when you call at the Castle. Looking forward to some photos this time!

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