Nest 1 update – great news!

Field observations in the last few days have led to the conclusion that there is at least one egg, more probably two or hopefully three, on Nest 1!

Without the nestcam link there is a bit of guesswork, but since last Friday all the signs have been of incubation. Over the weekend YA tried to mate – this is normal until there is a full clutch so indicates there is more than one egg.

Is this the Chosen One? Hard to tell even with a powerful scope. (c) Forestry Commission

Is this the Chosen One? Hard to tell even with a powerful scope. How we miss the nestcam link this shot is from!
(c) Forestry Commission

Yesterday afternoon he disappeared off the edge of the nest. The female – is it the dark headed bird who he seemed to be favouring?- stayed on the eggs then looked as though she was turning them. Within 20 minutes of his departure YA was back with a large fish. The benefit of calm fishing conditions! He dropped the meal off rather than take a turn on the eggs, and retreated to his favourite tree to the left. Not for long as some pesky crows had to be seen off! He landed again on a tree a bit nearer the nest.

The female stood off the eggs to have a snack. It was very warm indeed, so they would be fine if left for much longer than she was at the side. Eventually YA landed on the nest again. A happy family in the making, we very much hope.

PS  Another Nest 2 video has been added to the Kielder Osprey Videos page.

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2 Responses to Nest 1 update – great news!

  1. viv blake says:

    Bravo YA and Mrs YA

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