Warming up at Kielder

Some heartwarming news! A platform to show video clips of the Kielder ospreys has just been set up. Additions will be made when there are new clips of interest. To view some action on Nest 2 in recent days, and a video of the ringing of the osprey chicks in 2011, go to Kielder Osprey videos on vimeo.

Mrs 37 sits on the edge of the nest waiting for 37 to let her get on with incubating (c) Forestry Commission

Mrs 37 sits on the edge of the nest waiting for 37 to let her get on with incubating
(c) Forestry Commission

The weather at Kielder has been warming up a bit, but it hasn’t experienced the long hours of sunshine enjoyed nearer the east coast. The wind has been quite brisk too, so the ospreys on Nest 2 haven’t been leaving their eggs uncovered for very long. Mrs 37 is doing most of the incubation. This is the norm. But 37 is happy to do his share and doesn’t whizz off to shelter in a tree when Mrs 37 returns from feasting on a fish he has brought her. On Monday in the late morning she came down to the nest several times before he got off the eggs. He also visited the nest more times during the day than of late. Click on the image above to enlarge.

Mounces viewing point (c) Sally Hutt

Mounces viewing point
and nest in the distance
(c) Sally Hutt

Field observations of Nest 1 continue to suggest there are eggs there too now. In fact on Monday the osprey on the nest was so low in the centre of it that she/he was not visible at times from the viewing area at Mounces, where visitors can use their own telescope. The site is less than half a mile from Leaplish, on the right as you head for Kielder. Drive down an unmarked track to a parking area. Walk 100 yards up a path on the left and you will find an orientation map and a photo to help you locate the nest area across on the north shore. Just remember it is over 1.5 miles away so a telescope is definitely needed!

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4 Responses to Warming up at Kielder

  1. Elizabeth B says:

    Just watched the videos – another great addition to the blog – thank you Joanna. Its amazing to see how this massive bird arranges herself on the eggs. I think you mentioned before how she curls in her talons to avoid any chance of damaging the eggs.

    • joannadailey says:

      Glad you like them, Elizabeth. Without a webcam option it is a good way to let people see some of the behaviour. I need to get better at editing clips though, it takes me ages!

  2. Really enjoying watching the videos as well as the live feed up at Kielder Castle Café too.
    Amazing …

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