A dam fine spot!

An osprey hunting on Thursday 2 May, possibly YA (c) Forestry Commission

An osprey hunting on Thursday 2 May, possibly YA
(c) Joanna Dailey

Now that Nest 2 has the (probable) full complement of eggs, and with ongoing problems with coverage from the Nest 1 camera, there isn’t a lot to report from Kielder. Although that doesn’t mean there is no excitement! A stop at the dam on Thursday at about 17.00 in the hope of seeing an osprey hunting was rewarded immediately by the sight of one patrolling the shallow inlets around the Tower Knowe area. The surface of the water was a bit choppy in the wind (merely a breeze in Kielder terms!) so the shallower inlets would be the best bet for the osprey. He looked as if he was going to dive a couple of times, but it was not to be. Later examination of photos by zooming in suggested it could have been YA from the marks on the plumage and also the missing tail feather he has as a reminder of Blagdon Lake. Sadly this shot is nowhere near the standard of many from Somerset.

Back at the nests, on Nest 2 a reasonable amount of the incubation is falling to 37. When Mrs 37 returns he isn’t quick to get up and leave, but she hasn’t had to resort to nudging him off the eggs as has happened at some other UK nests! Here is a shot showing Mrs 37 landing to resume her shift on the eggs after a wing stretch. You can just about make out that she has curled her talons to make sure she doesn’t accidentally damage the eggs when settling back down on them.

Mrs 37 keeps her eye on the eggs whilst landing (c) Forestry Commission

Mrs 37 keeps her eyes on the eggs whilst landing
(c) Forestry Commission

Field observations on Wednesday evening and during Thursday saw a lot of presence on and around Nest 1 by the two ospreys, but no egg laying.  Egg cup scraping continues and the female is hunkering down a bit more at times, so she might be getting ready!

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