Double egg-stacy!

At Nest 2 at about 11.00 on Sunday Mrs 37 stood up and revealed she had two eggs to keep cosy! Another cool, windy and showery day at Kielder isn’t ideal for laying but better to have such weather now than when there are chicks to keep warm and fed.

37 lands with fish but his eyes are on two eggs (c) Forestry Commisssion

37 lands with fish but his eyes are on two eggs
(c) Forestry Commission

At about 14.30 Mrs 37 was visited by 37 who brought a fish. Both adults were off the nest for a short time. 37 came back with at least part of the fish and ate some whilst checking he didn’t have double vision! (Click to enlarge the image.) The pair were together for a while on the nest, then 37 incubated for the best part of an hour. After he was relieved duty he flew off but came back to have another look at the eggs – and to sit on Mrs 37’s back! She ignored his advances and off he went again. But within 20 minutes he came back and took over incubating. What a good male!

Two days is the usual gap between the first two eggs. The average clutch size is three, with the third often being laid three days after the second. Last year the dates for Nest 2 were 26th and 28th April for the first two eggs – same again this year! Camera problems meant there was a gap in coverage at a crucial time last year so the date of the third egg’s arrival wasn’t known.

Meanwhile, at Nest 1 the pair were on the nest on Sunday. There is a problem with the link from the nestcam to Kielder Castle Cafe, although both the nest and security cameras are working. Field observations indicate there is the normal round of mating, sitting and squawking.

37 comes back for more incubating duty (c) Forestry Commission

37 comes back for more incubating duty
(c) Forestry Commission

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3 Responses to Double egg-stacy!

  1. viv blake says:

    This blog is like an ornithological soap and better than any fiction! Thanks for the updates.

    • Elizabeth B says:

      I so agree – I’m getting addicted, waiting for each egg with bated breath. And then we’ll have to wait for them to hatch! What’s the incubation period Joanna?

      • joannadailey says:

        Five to six weeks for chicks to emerge, Elizabeth. Given that the dates of laying are the same this year as 2012, bets could be laid for hatching on 4 and 5 June! Mind you, if the weather stays as chilly as it is, doubt they’ll want to break through the shell until the last possible moment.

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