Soggy Sunday

Sunday was wet and quite windy (although nothing like recent gales) at Kielder Forest.

On Nest 1 the camera was very misty during the morning. There was no sign of any ospreys all day. Wise birds sheltering in the trees, perhaps! But on Saturday, a pleasant day with sun a lot of the time, there was also little action.  A bit surprising given the apparent return home of YA’s mate on Friday. Most of Saturday YA was on his own on the nest, doing some egg cup scraping and moss arrangement. Or there was no-one home.

A bedraggled pair stick it out on the nest in te rain. (c) Forestry Commission

A bedraggled pair stick it out on the nest in the rain.
(c) Forestry Commission

On Nest 2, despite Mrs 37’s settling over the egg cup on Thursday indicating laying could be fairly imminent, there is still no sign of an egg. And 37 hasn’t re-built his stick walls after the storm damage. The pair seem fine if a bit fed up in the rain. They were both on and off the nest on Sunday morning. Mrs 37 was eating a fish when the power came on and 37 called in now and again to see she was OK. And to mate.  The nest really could do with some attention but 37 is concentrating on getting the Kielder egg count up and running!

37 moves a stick on his nest. (c) Forestry Commission

37 moves a stick on his nest.
(c) Forestry Commission

At about 16.00 37 brought a fish in. Whilst Mrs 37 was elsewhere eating it he finally engaged in a bit of stick re-arrangement, but a lot more is required to return the nest to pre-gale standard.

Kielder Castle Cafe, where the nestcams can be viewed,  was busy  all weekend, especially sunny Saturday. A young lad watching the action on Sunday had been lucky to see an egg hatch during a visit in 2012. Maybe this time what he saw was one being fertilised!

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  1. viv blake says:

    Roll on a decent change in weather.

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