Wild and windy

A fallen tree blocks the road near Kielder village. (c) Joanna Dailey

A fallen tree temporarily blocks the road near Kielder village.
(c) Joanna Dailey

The high wind mentioned in the last post was but a breeze compared with today’s wild weather. Gusts of over 60mph at lower levels in the Kielder area, higher at the nest sites. A tree came down on the main road to Kielder, although it was removed very quickly by the Forestry Commission.

The nestcams showed the effects of the gales on the ospreys and their homes. YA spent part of the day on his nest, Nest 1, rather than in the comparative shelter of nearby trees. However he soon decided hunkering down rather than standing was the order of the day. Nest 1 has always been less ‘built up’ than Nest 2 and offers less protection.

The damage to Nest 2 is clear, but superficial. (c) Forestry Commission

The damage to Nest 2 is clear, but superficial.
(c) Forestry Commission

All 37’s efforts to put as many sticks and twigs on the sides of his home as possible suffered a setback as the wind caused significant re-arrangement! It may look a mess but given 37’s zeal it should be spick and span again when the weather allows. Both Nest 2 ospreys were seen nearby. It is fortunate that no eggs were on the nest or they could have been damaged.

Fishing will have been tricky; Kielder Water resembled the sea, not a reservoir. However plenty of fish was consumed yesterday so even if fishing trips are unsuccessful today, the ospreys will be fine.

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5 Responses to Wild and windy

  1. viv blake says:

    Phew! Let’s hope that’s winter’s last gasp.

  2. Roger Neilson says:

    There is some strange yellow object in the sky, vaguely recall it from last year but its all a bit unclear what it is at the moment.

  3. Saw 2 ospreys together in front of the hide at Bakethin at about 16.30. on Saturday 13th . Made entry in Diary in hide of all other bird sightings including a raven buzzed by 2 crows, 20+ sandmatins, 2 willow warblers, as well as a pair of Mandarin ducks, 2 pair of goosanders and a pair of golden eye. All seen between 14.00 and 17.30. D Hutchinson

    • joannadailey says:

      You had a very good afternoon, David! If the water is choppy the ospreys sometimes fish in the shallow part of Kielder Water at the Bakethin end. Perhaps you saw little grebes and tufted ducks too. They are usually around there. And oystercatchers and cormorants.
      It’s a good place to sit for a while.

      • Yes it was a great afternoon. Yes saw the tufties and the little grebes as well as 3 buzzards above the skyline directly in front of the Bakethin hide. The corms were in the tall pine trees on the right hand side peninsula as usual.

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