Buzz off!

The weather on Saturday at Kielder was a treat for most of the day – sunny and quite warm. The water was very calm, good for ospreys to fish although none were brought in to Nest 2 all day. On Nest 1 the ospreys were slightly more present on the nest than has been the norm. YA is still not doing much stick work so the female was reduced to throwing a few bits of moss and twigs around the nest. The only time they were seen together was late afternoon when YA flew in with a fish, closely followed by the female. However instead of letting her have some he mantled over it and then flew off with it. He definitely needs tips on courtship from his big brother.

Siesta time at Nest 2 on a rare warm and sunny day. (c) Forestry Commission

Siesta time at Nest 2 on a rare warm and sunny day. (c) Forestry Commission

On Nest 2, apart from the usual round of mating and nest work, 37 and the female took advantage of the sun for a siesta in the afternoon. Field monitoring had observed 37 kicking moss out of the nest shortly beforehand but there still seems an abundance. The side of the nest near the nestcam is getting so high that it may prove difficult to see how many eggs are laid.


Concern on the nest as buzzards stray too close.  (c) Forestry Commission

Concern on the nest as buzzards stray too close.
(c) Forestry Commission

A little later the nestcam showed the birds looking skyward and mantling. 37 flew off whilst the female watched the skies. The field monitoring confirmed 37 was in defence of his nest as three buzzards who had been circling a little way off had slowly floated over towards the nest area. Some great aerial acrobatics showed off all the birds’ skills before 37 returned to the nest. Wonderful to witness!

Although warmer, the forecast for the next few days isn’t great with strong winds and some rain. At least there are no eggs to protect yet, but Nest 2 could have at least one by next weekend.

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5 Responses to Buzz off!

  1. Greg sanders says:

    Thanks again- nice to read on how they are doing!

  2. Heather Corfield says:

    In 2005 we asked visitors to the Glaslyn Osprey site to help chose names for the two chicks. Out of the 524 names suggested, pupils from a local school Ysgol y Garreg chose Cymro, meaning Welshman for the male chick Yellow 37. I was watching over the eggs and nest of your two males parents today and I hope we will see a few more Welshmen in a few years time. All the best for a successful year at Kielder Ospreys.

    • joannadailey says:

      Thanks for your best wishes, Heather. Although Yellow 37 was Welsh born, his father was born in Scotland and fledged in England. So a lot of multiculturalism! Glaslyn has a great record of success with the continuity of parents and the chick survival rate. Let’s hope it helps the Kielder ospreys thrive and return!

  3. viv blake says:

    The action is much more interesting than a TV soap, and Joanna, you are doing a sterling job! Thank you.

    • joannadailey says:

      Thanks, Viv. It is really fascinating and it will be great if technology moves on so the nestcams can be on the web. But even the local feed has hiccups, especially when the wind picked up today.
      Even more wonderful than watching the TV was monitoring Nest 2 via telescope and binoculars – seeing the spat with the buzzards will stay in the memory for ever.

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