YA takes his time. 37 speeds along!

The female squawks at YA to get his act together! (c) Forestry Commission

The female squawks at YA to get his act together.                   (c) Forestry Commission

Both ospreys were present on Nest 1 at times today. But YA seems in no rush to kick his breeding season off. The female was on the nest, preening and looking around, when YA landed. He was at the opposite side of the nest and it was the female who gradually edged closer. He eventually took the hint and there was a Brief Encounter although it didn’t look productive! They settled down again but the female gave up waiting after a while and flew off, as did YA a few minutes later. Last year he was keener to get going. Perhaps he is still feeling the effects of migration and his net experiences at Blagdon Lake in Somerset. Or maybe it’s just a bit too cold still!

37 mantles over the taile en of the fish. (c) Forestry Commission

37 mantles over the tail end of the fish. (c) Forestry Commission

On Nest 2, older brother 37 continues his twig gathering and nest renovation interspersed with mating. Just after midday he brought the unringed female a fish which she took elsewhere to enjoy. Later she returned with it and 37 took it away. The female decided 37’s nest work needed adjustment and she placed a large piece of moss on top of twigs, effectively blocking the view of the egg cup area! Late in the afternoon 37 brought the remnants of the fish back to the nest. Maybe he didn’t like the alterations because he mantled possessively over the snack.

It is fascinating seeing such a stark contrast in the behaviour of  the brothers 37 and YA. One so busy and the other neither mating as often nor working on the nest. It isn’t an age ‘thing’ because 37 was as eager to build a fortress when he was YA’s age. There is so much to learn about these master fishermen.

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4 Responses to YA takes his time. 37 speeds along!

  1. viv blake says:

    Do you think YA knows something we don’t know about bad weather to come, and has decided to wait for warmer conditions? Or maybe he just needed a rest.

  2. joannadailey says:

    It’s difficult to say why he seems tardy, Viv. As you know, he stayed for over a week in Somerset whereas normally the drive to breed sends ospreys back to their nests more quickly. The first time he was rescued at Blagdon Lake the staff thought he seemed to need feeding up, but the breastbone can be pronounced after a day without much food. If it is a different female (and it is hard to tell because last year the camera wasn’t HD) maybe he is hoping his mate will return, so he is reluctant to really commit. All speculative, but hopefully there will be progress over the next few days.

  3. Greg sanders says:

    Really interesting how the birds are behaving- Loch garten EJ behaving out of character too!- Nice reading though! thanks again!

    • joannadailey says:

      Yes Greg, over the past couple of years EJ has been a bit wayward! Let’s hope she comes back and settles down again with Odin. Thanks for your comments.

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