Quick update

YA looks down at the female having breakfast. (c) Forestry Commission

YA looks down at the female having breakfast. (c) Forestry Commission

The relationship between YA and the female on Nest 1 seems to be developing – they shared a fish this morning! When the live feed came on she was eating at the edge of the nest. YA was on the camera pole, and when she’d finished he came down, had a bite and then flew off with the remains. A visitor to Kielder Castle Cafe had seen an osprey fishing near Leaplish a bit earlier, so perhaps that was the catch taken to Nest 1. For most of the afternoon one of them was sitting in a tree on the edge of the wide angle camera view, and had a snack at one point. But there is no sign of mating yet.

In contrast, 37 is making up for his younger brother’s reticence! There were problems with the Nest 2 feed today which may be as well; one of the customers at the Cafe named it “the orniporn channel”!

37 is still mantling occasionally in front of the female. This has been observed on other nests where there are established pairs, but it is not conclusive proof that the female is the partner from last year. Here is a lovely snapshot of the pair. Click on the image to enlarge.

A pair of posers! 37 mantles slightly at the front of the female. (c) Forestry Commission

A pair of posers!  (c) Forestry Commission

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2 Responses to Quick update

  1. Gayle Whalley says:

    I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that you have two of the Glaslyn fledged males holding nests at Kielder. Looking at the excellent capture of 37 he is as handsome as his father 11(98). We love to go to Threave and see yet another brother Black 80, so next time we come north we shall certainly make a visit to Kielder. I wish the project and the ospreys a wonderful season 2013.

    • joannadailey says:

      Yes Gayle, it’s truly fantastic to have the two Glaslyn brothers at Kielder. But they are very different guys, YA is not into nest building at all whereas 37 is stacking such a huge barrier of twigs we might not be able to see the eggs! Many thanks for your good wishes. For your visit to us just remember that YA’s nest is nearly 2 miles from the viewpoint, so not quite Threave by any stretch. But it is wonderful to see the ospreys with the naked eye via spotting scope! Dates for Ospreywatch will be announced later. But if you have your own scope, visit any time!

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