Osprey Poem

One of our avid followers, Vivinfrance, has writen this poem to welcome back the Kielder Ospreys.

The Return

Long and anxiously awaited, their landing
witnessed with delight.
From far West Africa their epic voyage
has brought them home again at last.

Through prolonged and foul migration they have battled
to survive, and now, triumphant they arrive alive:
Two welcome pairs of ospreys, determined
to reclaim their nests.

A crucial nestoration starts,
for mates and brood to share.
Shy of human company, in a world wild and watery, ­
they dive into Kielder in a shower of diamonds.

With brave tenacity
_____they’ll fish and feed and
__________teach and feed and fish
_______________until at last their precious
____________________fledglings fly.

(c) Vivienne Blake

About thehutts

The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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8 Responses to Osprey Poem

  1. joannadailey says:

    Lovely imagery, Viv.

  2. viv blake says:

    Thank you for your patience.

  3. Lovely poem, Viv. I love the last stanza.

  4. john calvert says:

    My first visit to Kielder was earlier this year… I must admit it is the most beautiful place on earth…. I am a writer and musician and I found the lovely surroundings a tremendous inspiration. I must return again… the power is too strong…. in the meantime… here is one of my poems … about the ospreys…etc

    Only the Bantu eye
    Registers from the tree
    Pine, water scan in
    Over the live cam

    On the cafe table, she clicks
    Sending data winging
    To information banks
    As far as Africa

    Beyond statistics
    Precision drops through Cheviot clarity
    Stoop, to emerge , dripping quicksilver

    Three hatched this season!
    Lifting from the dark
    The tribe continues.

    • thehutts says:

      Thanks for your poem John. When I have a bit more time I will make it into a post for our Inspired by Osprey Page. How would you like your work credited? Do you have a website link for more of your poetry? Sally

      • john calvert says:

        Not at the moment, Sally but working on it… dearly want to move up to your area and have inspiration around me all the time! Very many thanks for your interest. You may credit it using my name, thanks… best wishes john.

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