Conflict of interest?

It was pretty quiet on both Kielder nests on Tuesday. On Nest 1, YA had an unwelcome visit from a crow. It sat on a nearby tree for a while before daring to go to the nest where an annoyed osprey saw it off!


37 says hello to the unringed female. (c) Forestry Commission

On Nest 2 our male 37 was diligently building his nest up. He left the nest at 16.40 – a couple of minutes later a female landed. Hang on – it was a different female! No rings, possibly but not certainly last year’s mate. She moved a few bits of bark and moss, squawked, then down came 37 and tried to mate. He flew off but was back very quickly. He mantled – a defensive posture used to defend the nest or show submission to another osprey. Then they mated successfully. On Wednesday the unringed female was back by 10.40. Mating continues, still with occasional mantling beforehand by 37.

So a bit of a soap opera may develop if the female 37 mated with on Monday is still about. Or she may give way to what looks an older bird even if not last year’s adult.

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6 Responses to Conflict of interest?

  1. viv blake says:

    Fickle male,- forgiven if that’s his real wife back! Looks like we’ll be looking at eggs soon.

  2. rogerneilson says:

    It’s brilliant that you are able to give these daily updates Joanna……

  3. Elizabeth B says:

    What happens if successful mating with previous female has resulted in fertilisation?

    • joannadailey says:

      Afraid there isn’t likely to be a happy ending, Elizabeth. 37 may try to keep 2 nests going (there are other platforms, so ‘ready’ nests) but he wouldn’t be able to supply two females and their chicks with enough fish. The female definitely couldn’t rear on her own as the chicks would have to be left whilst she fished.
      The possible happy ending would be if the female he doesn’t continue with finds another male and they get together. Last year at Loch Garten a famous female, EJ, mated with Blue XD before her longstanding partner Odin returned. She went back to Odin, but the timing of the eggs made it very unlikely (although just possible) that he’d fertilised it! So her chicks were all fed courtesy of Odin’s efforts.
      It’s Groundhog day up there as she’s been dallying with Blue XD again this year before Odin got home!

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