Three cheers, four ospreys on two nests!

One of many mating  attempts on Nest 2. (c) Forestry Commission

One of many mating attempts on Nest 2. (c) Forestry Commission

Another exciting day! After no activity was seen on Nest 2 yesterday afternoon, 24 hours later there is an orgy of nest building – and other activity essential to egg creation. 37 has always been a good nest builder, but he’s working frantically bringing in sticks and seeking a reward. Some mating attempts seem successful, others not. Further photo comparison is necessary but his female appears to be a new one on this nest as she has a BTO ring on her left leg.

YA indulges in scraping the nest. (c) Forestry Commission

YA indulges in scraping the nest. (c) Forestry Commission

Meanwhile on Nest 1 things are moving more slowly. White YA has been on the nest with the female, although no mating has been observed. YA isn’t as good a nest builder either, though he did a bit of ‘nestoration’ and even an attempt at egg cup creation.

To have our two pairs apparently settling well is fantastic given the perils of migration. We are privileged to be able to watch the progress of the couples. The Forestry Commission work on the creation of suitable sites for ospreys and the installation of cameras with feeds to public viewing points deserves a medal. At the moment, Kielder Castle Cafe is the only place to be for live nestcam coverage.

Geting acquainted on Nest (c) Forestry Commission

Geting acquainted on Nest 1 (c) Forestry Commission

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9 Responses to Three cheers, four ospreys on two nests!

  1. thehutts says:

    Excellent news! More homework studying photos of nest 2 birds is required then! What would we do without you Joanna. Sally

  2. Henry says:

    wonderful news, from a Garten vol who is thrilled your birdies are back safe :-)

    • joannadailey says:

      You must be very happy too now Odin’s returned, Henry! Hope we all have a successful breeding season.

      • Henry says:

        you too, here’s to a happy, healthy season for all the public nests ! May the vols stay warm, and the weather dry in May and June so the nests succeed….yay !!!

  3. Greg sanders says:

    Excellent news! lets hope for a nice dry summer this time!

  4. viv blake says:

    I’m so happy they’re back. You may remember I’ve written a few poems about the Kielder Ospreys (last one here: and I’m starting a new one on the return (I don’t know how long it’ll take as I’m doing a poem a day to prompts for National Poetry Writing Month. If I give them due credit, may I “borrow” one or two photographs when I come to put it on my blog?

  5. Greg sanders says:

    Nice Viv!
    allready this season has just started -but info on the website is up to date, fun to read and informative- well done all involved!

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