Croeso’n ôl, White YA!

White YA within seconds of his re-appearance at Kielder Nest 1. (c) Forestry Commission

White YA seconds after his re-appearance at Kielder Nest 1. (c) Forestry Commission

At 14.18 White YA landed on his nest at Kielder, so a very warm welcome back indeed to our Glaslyn born male! Champagne fizzed through the veins rather than blood at confirmation that the ring number partially seen last year was YA. Within a minute, the female who was on the nest a couple of days ago landed beside him. They stayed at separate sides although YA edged closer to the female before he flew off. Shortly afterwards she left too. Unfortunately the nestcam image is not great.  After landing on the far edge where the ring was very clear YA stood under the nest cam (he’s the nearest to the camera in the photo) or faced away from the nest.

So now we are waiting for our other Glaslyn born male 37 to be re-united with his partner. What a day, with various ospreys getting home around the UK, including Monty at Dyfi.


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12 Responses to Croeso’n ôl, White YA!

  1. viv blake says:

    Hooray – you’re doing a grand job with this.

  2. thehutts says:

    He knew we had chosen to go Osprey hunting at Derwent Water rather than Kielder! We met a lady who had seen an Osprey there last week but we didn’t see any today. Last year she had been very fortunate to see an Osprey land on a post when driving south from Scotland on the A68. Sally

  3. STEPH MURPHY says:

    Glad he is back, went to Blagdon Lake to try and get a look at him, but he was elusive and appeared twenty minutes after we left, having stood there for two hours waiting. Ah, the joys of bird watching. At least he won’t have to hang upside down in nets over trout pools again. Ha, poor thing, he did look funny. Good luck White YA !!

  4. Higgy says:

    Fantastic news! I just want to say what a pleasure it was spending time watching and photographing both White YA and Ochre ZT on their stop off on Blagdon Lake here in Somerset!
    The stories attached to all these birds are absolutely fascinating and I do hope that we can be part of them again next year!!!…

    • joannadailey says:

      You were treated to a real osprey fest at Blagdon Lake! It’s been great to see some wonderful close ups of all the ospreys. If White YA comes by your way next year I hope he’ll keep away from those nets!

      • Jan says:

        Couldn`t agree more. Watching the ospreys at Blagdon has been fantastic. But have grave concerns over the danger of the netting covering the stew ponds, where White YA became entangled 3 times. I have voiced my concerns to Bristol Water and today received a positive reply. They are considering putting something “noticeable” over the nets to dissuade fishing birds.

      • joannadailey says:

        I understand some action has already been taken to reduce the problem, but YA seems to need all possible obstacles to be in place!

  5. Lynne says:

    Fab news Joanne – that it is White YA… Thanks for all the info you provided me with during my visit to Kielder last week

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