Too quiet for osprey lovers!

After a great afternoon yesterday things were much quieter at Kielder today. It had snowed on the fells overnight and sitting on a snowy nest is probably not top of the osprey wish list. But the female who appeared at home on Nest 1 yesterday afternoon was conspicuous by her absence. The Ranger for that nest commented that immediately on return in previous years there has sometimes been more of a beeline for fish than concentration on nest activity. So patience is necessary!

A couple of visitors had witnessed an osprey skimming the surface of the water for a fish but it didn’t seem to be successful. Lucky them though.

The Nest 2 male Yellow 37 made a lunchtime visit to Nest 1 again. He spent time on the nest and then more on top of the camera pole!

Yellow 37 lands on top of the camera pole for Nest 1. (c) Forestry Commission

Yellow 37 lands on top of the camera pole for Nest 1. (c) Forestry Commission

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2 Responses to Too quiet for osprey lovers!

  1. viv blake says:

    Will there be a conflict between these two for their original nest sites?

    • joannadailey says:

      Yellow 37 has bred from his own nest successfully for the last couple of years and the nest itself is in good condition. He was re-arranging sticks earlier in the week so seems happy enough with it. If his partner does not return he would try to attract another female to ‘his’ nest. If this was unsuccessful it is possible that he could try and oust the Nest 1 male. At the moment he is just exploring around the general area. Ospreys are still returning from migration so let’s hope our resident pairs meet up soon!

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