Lovely day but where are the Kielder osprey couples?

Cold but sunny at Kielder today. Lots of visitors were taking advantage and cycling or walking on the Lakeside Way.

A lovely view of the area around Nest 1. (c) Forestry Commission

The area around Nest 1 from the new camera. (c) Forestry Commission

Meantime, the Forestry Commission Radio Branch (FCRB) were working hard on the osprey camera coverage. The nestcam looking down on Nest 1 is a bit clearer today, but consistently higher temperature is  required. Good news on the camera on a nearby tree – it is up and running with a great view of the general nest area. Unfortunately no ospreys were posing on nest or tree! Click on the image to enlarge it.

When FCRB were working a few hundred metres from Nest 2 an osprey was flying in the area, and also landed on the nest, apparently conducting ‘nestoration’ – a spring clean of home, basically! When visible on the nestcam the osprey’s feet and part of the body were behind a pile of sticks. Frustrating!

Technical problems persist with the Nest 2 feed to Kielder Castle Cafe.

More returning osprey pairs have been publicised today, notably in Tweed Valley and Aberfoyle. But others eg Dyfi are not back yet. (See links in our blogroll).

Come home soon, you magnificent birds!

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One Response to Lovely day but where are the Kielder osprey couples?

  1. viv blake says:

    Thanks for the update. We will have to possess our souls in patience a little longer.

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