Isn’t life amazing?

After all the excitement of a probable identification of last year’s Nest 1 male as White YA, a 2007 Glaslyn chick, it is now clear that the Kielder Nest 2 male is his big brother!

The second nest was used for the first time in 2011. A pair of ospreys had been observed by the Forestry Commission (FC) trying to build a nest in a tree – and failing – in 2010. Typical of first time breeders. Over the winter the FC made a more solid platform and in 2011 their efforts were rewarded when a pair bred and produced 2 chicks that fledged.

Yellow 37, the female and the 2 surviving 2012 chicks.  (c) Forestry Commission

Yellow 37, his partner and the 2 surviving 2012 chicks. (c) Forestry Commission

In 2012 the pair returned and a newly installed HD nestcam revealed the male had a 37 ring on his right leg. The colour was indistinct but at times seemed white, at others cream or very pale yellow. So no firm identification. However, a review of various shots of the ring and the knowledge that bright yellow rings are known to fade has led to the conclusion that we have 2005 Yellow 37 at Kielder. He is one of the first pair of chicks to fledge from Glaslyn.

Blue 37 at ringing in 2011.(c) Richard Darn

Blue 37 at ringing in 2011.
(c) Richard Darn

And another coincidence – in 2011 the ring had not been identified, but one of his offspring that year has Blue 37 on its right leg! You couldn’t make it up.

This adds so much to knowledge of the behaviour of these magnificent birds. Can’t wait for the new season to get going.

Yellow 37 being a new man and feeding his chicks. (c) Forestry Commission

Yellow 37 being a new man and feeding his chicks. (c) Forestry Commission

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7 Responses to Isn’t life amazing?

  1. thehutts says:

    Well done Joanna for all your tracking of the parentage of our Ospreys! Sally

  2. viv blake says:

    Wow – I bet you could write a doctoral thesis on the Osprey by the end of this season. This is all fascinating news.

  3. Greg sanders says:

    Now this year your on the ball with really good updates – thanks very much- looking forward to the summer ahead!
    thanks again

  4. I alwayscringe when the chicks are ringed…. but news like this reflects the wonders of nature AND the vital role all of us can play in keeping our eyes out for these fab birds, may a few more siblings come back to North Wales now!

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