White YA update

Although we aren’t absolutely certain yet that White YA was the new male on Nest 1 at Kielder last year, he already seems part of us.

So there was particular concern when earlier today the Blagdon Lake site reported he had been caught under a net, and had to be released. Fortunately that happened quickly and he was seen flying around and preening at the far end of the lake within an hour. He was still at the site later in the day. But his brief period of capture gave an insight into the toll taken by migration. Although he seems to have fished at Blagdon Lake quite well since last Sunday, he was noticeably thin in the breastbone area. Probably the result of a tough migration because the weather in Spain and France wasn’t great when he would have been flying over – and here in the UK we all know what it has been like! Also, all these photographers admiring him, understandable as it might be, may have been a tad offputting and Blagdon have put out a plea to keep a distance.

Migration this year is definitely running a bit late, with observers commenting on significantly lower numbers than in 2012 when it was a rather warm March.

Meanwhile, back at Nest 1, which might be his destination, all was quiet today apart from light snow and hail showers. Which is possibly a blessing in disguise as the solar panels need less snow on them and more sun so we have enough power for nestcam lift off!

Here is a great photo of White YA, courtesy of Blagdon Lake.

White YA after release from under the net

White YA after release from under the net. (c) Nigel Milbourne

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5 Responses to White YA update

  1. thehutts says:

    Yes it was a lot warmer this time last year but then we had horribly wet, windy weather. That was probably worse for nesting birds and other fauna and flora . I hope we soon get some nice, normal, spring weather and we can all get some sun! Sally

  2. kelly says:

    There were two sightings of one osprey at Kielder today by the team who drive the ferry. That’s as much as I know I’m afraid! Neil Beamsley also saw an osprey today on the river tyne near Corbridge, he may fill us in with more details. Kelly

  3. joannadailey says:

    Great news, Kelly! It wasn’t White YA as he was seen at dusk still hanging out at Blagdon Lake. It may be a migrant, but fingers crossed it is one of the Kielder adults.

  4. Valerie says:

    I presume you know YA got caught in nets again yesterday lets hope he moves north very soon

    • thehutts says:

      Yes we did but didn’t feel there was much more we could say. We thought he had started moving North when he wasn’t seen in the morning. Hopefully he will move North soon and stop being silly and there will be more local news soon.

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