Who’s that on MY nest?

A kestrel examines a des res. And she returned for a second viewing later! Image from the Forestry Commission camera

Well that is what any of the ospreys from Nest 2 would have been thinking if they’d been around when a kestrel sat on the nest this afternoon! If on a nearby tree one of them would almost certainly have flown across  to see the intruder off  ‘their’ property. The kestrel stayed for a few minutes and reappeared briefly an hour later so it does appear that all the family have left on migration.

No ospreys have been seen at the nest since last Thursday and, as significant, a piece of bark which they moved around the nest has been in the same position too.

All the satellite tagged birds from Scotland had begun their migration by the weekend so the season does seem well and truly over. The three youngsters from our two nests won’t be back to the UK for 2 years at least. They may not be seen again at Kielder Water but it would be wonderful if in the future someone spots a ring number so at least we would know they’d made it to Africa and back for the first time. Over half don’t. Provided there are no mishaps their parents will return next year to breed once more. It seems a long time until March!

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3 Responses to Who’s that on MY nest?

  1. Greg Sanders says:

    Well thank you for a wonderful season- your blogs have been a welcome addition this year, kept us better informed.
    Looking forward to 2013- good luck to them all on migration!
    thanks again all!

  2. vivinfrance says:

    I echo that sentiment. Did you see them making a new osprey nest on top of a Scots Pine in Countryfile?

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