A short visit to ‘home’

2H waits in vain for a fish to appear! Image from the Forestry Commission camera

The two juveniles from Nest 2 are still around but spending less and less time on the nest. One was visible through some mist yesterday for a short while, just sitting on the nest. Today at around 1130 both flew down onto the nest. The female had a reasonable sized fish in her talons and her brother obviously wanted some! A small tussle only lasted a few seconds before she went off to eat in a calmer environment. The male was on and off the nest for a while after, sometimes squawking, before leaving. In the photo a strip of bark is visible to 2H’s left, which he moved around before departing. Bet he wished it was a trout!

The female may have caught the fish herself, a good sign, or she may have received it from  her father if he is still around. But he hasn’t been seen for several days so perhaps it is more likely that she can now provide for herself. Just because her brother tried to grab her fish doesn’t mean he hasn’t mastered fishing. The young male, Blue 44, at Loch of the Lowes has been seen fishing successfully for some days now but will still spend a long time shouting for his dad to bring a meal – and he usually does!

More observations in the Nest 1 area have not found an osprey, reinforcing the probability that the family are en route to Africa.

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One Response to A short visit to ‘home’

  1. vivinfrance says:

    We’ll keep a lookout for them flying over! Thanks for all the updates.

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