Getting older and bolder

1H spends a bit of time on the nest, an increasingly rare sight. Image from the Forestry Commission camera

The juveniles on Nest 2 are getting more adventurous. On Sunday they were absent from the nest area for several hours. One flew around the local area before heading off towards the water. The other flew from a branch of the tree in a different direction but probably ended up by the lake as at this stage they should be at least trying to catch their own fish. Later in the day the nestcam showed the female 1H on the nest doing some preening and occasional shouting for an hour or so before flying off again.

On Monday afternoon a partly eaten fish was the only nest occupant for some time before one of the juveniles flew onto the nest then away with it. This is the first time either of the youngsters has been seen flying off with a fish, presumably to eat elsewhere, although possibly on a branch out of sight of the nestcam.

The nest appears to have suffered some wind damage as it has lost a couple of layers of twigs. You can see in the last post it was looking rather dishevelled, but by Sunday more twigs had gone. The Nest 2 adults are good housekeepers and built the nest up well during the season. Their offspring haven’t caught on to that aspect of growing up yet!

Several monitoring sessions on Nest 1 and the surrounding area haven’t revealed an osprey, so that family are probably away from Kielder now.

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