Routine morning

Both happy now. Image from the Forestry Commission camera

I want one too! Image from the Forestry Commission camera

Field observations on Friday morning found the two youngsters on Nest 2 with a fish each, tucking in solidly for an hour! So a repeat of activity reported in the last post. At about 1030 the nestcam had shown just one fish on the nest although both juveniles were present. By just after 1100 there were two fish. It is more likely that dad delivered the second than that one of the youngsters had fished successfully in such a short space of time. Although only the two birds on the nest were seen, another, probably dad, could be heard calling occasionally from trees near the nest area. After most of one of the fish had been devoured the diner took a slow and short flight then landed on a branch below the nest. The remaining osprey took the opportunity to check there wasn’t anything worth picking at on the abandoned fish before it too went for a leisurely flight. On Saturday the nest was empty for long periods. It appears to be the main dining room though, so hopefully there will be more photos before the ospreys start their migration.

Nest 1 was monitored for a short time but no ospreys were visible in the nest area. The birds may have begun their migration, but at least one could still be around Kielder.

Click on the photos above to enlarge them.

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