Who caught these?

2H has a firm grip on his tea! Image from the Forestry Commission camera

The two juveniles on Nest 2 were both on the nest on Monday afternoon eating fish. The female 1H (on the left in the photo) has what seems to be the remains of one, whereas her brother 2H is clinging on to the better meal! It isn’t known whether either of them are fishing for themselves yet, so a parent (most probably the male as the female may have begun her migration) could have brought both fish to the nest.

Today the Nest 2 camera feed has been playing up again. When the nest was on screen it was bare, although the youngsters do often sit in branches just out of view.

An osprey flying near the ferry.
(C) D J Boorman

Some of the volunteers went out on the water on Sunday and had a number of sightings of ospreys flying over the reservoir. There was never more than one bird at once, and none did that spectacular plunge to catch a fish even though the water was fairly calm. From direction of travel it seems ospreys from both nests were hunting. When able to view Nest 1, no ospreys were visible on either the nest or in the trees nearby. The lovely photo was taken by a volunteer on Thursday’s trip.

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  1. vivinfrance says:

    I love that last photo.

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