Treats from and for all

Those Ospreywatch volunteers who could make it had a great time at Kielder Water on Thurday, thanks not just to the Kielder Partnership generosity but also the ospreys.

The volunteers were given a ride on the last Osprey ferry trip of the day and hoped to see an osprey fishing. Things didn’t seem that promising as the crew hadn’t observed any action all day and it was a little bit choppy on the water. But about 20 minutes in an osprey was spotted to the rear of the ferry. Excitement for all! For much of the rest of the ride an osprey, probably the same one, was visible. At one point it wasn’t because it was right above the boat! The bird was tending to hug the north shore and was looking for fish without success. Shortly before the ferry returned to Leaplish, an osprey was visible heading towards Nest 1 on the skyline and was joined by a second. Dad and daughter perhaps?

The volunteers’ next treat was supper at the Boat Inn, but before that a fieldscope zooming in revealed an osprey landing on the nest, and another osprey was on the top of a tree to the right. How many times have volunteers said that to visitors this season?!

As supper drew to a close one of the volunteers spotted an osprey flying above the water not far from the shore. Everyone dashed for a look – it was almost as if one of the wonderful birds Kielder is blessed with was saying farewell to the volunteers.

A final look through a fieldscope at the nest found an osprey on the camera pole and one in the nest. Again, such a familiar phrase from this season.

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