All the family still around

Is this one of the last times mum will be seen on the nest this year? Image from the Forestry Commission camera

There was little wind to ruffle the water at Kielder yesterday, so setting up a fieldscope to try and spot an osprey fishing seemed a good plan. And sure enough, after not too long, an osprey glided past before curving round to be lost behind a birch tree just in front of the reservoir. By the time it came out the other side it had clearly been in the water and had a fish! Best laid plans….  The bird flew in an arc towards Nest 1, totally unbothered by a kestrel taking a look at the catch. He (probably) dropped onto the nest briefly before flying off towards the north end of the lake. Within a couple of minutes another osprey landed on the nest – the fledgling, Kielder Castle staff were able to report. After a snack the youngster flew down onto a branch of the nest tree, and then up onto the camera pole. An adult was in a tree to the right – was it the male, sneaking on unnoticed, or could it be that the female was still around? A visit to Kielder Castle found the nestcam showing the female sitting on the nest! So much for thinking she might have started her migration. Within a few minutes she was joined by the youngster. Maybe it was a day for final farewells? If not yesterday, then soon for the adult females.

2H has the fish under close control, his default pose! Image from the Forestry Commission camera

On Nest 2, the live stream was problematic but 2H, the young male, was tucking into a fish when the image appeared. At one point his mother was on the nest too. Both nests, particularly Nest 1, are empty for long periods. With the weather becoming more unsettled the ospreys are more likely to shelter in trees than stay on the nest. The youngsters on both nests should be starting to think about exploring the water a bit more as it is now only about a month before they will have to be fully independent.

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