Unwanted visitors

Not what we want to see! Image from the Forestry Commission camera

Nest 1 had some unwelcome visitors this morning – two crows, who spent quite a bit of time there. Their undisturbed presence almost certainly means the male osprey was not in the area. The nest is his territory and the youngster is still feeding there for most if not all her meals. She was back on the nest in the early afternoon, probably waiting for a fish. The adult female may well have left for West Africa. The crows would have attracted her displeasure if she had been nearby. Only two ospreys have been seen at the same time on the nest over the last four days.

That should satisfy two growing ospreys! Image from the Foreatry Commission camera

The Nest 2 youngsters have been more present on their nestcam, alternating between some flying, resting and preening and, of course, eating! This morning the young male 2H was perched on one of the branches extending from the nest area in true adult fashion, whilst his sister appeared to be trying out the incubating position! Not in reality for a few years yet, though.

The staff on the Osprey ferry hadn’t seen any osprey activity over Kielder Water for a few days. However on the noon sailing quite choppy conditions didn’t prevent an osprey from hunting along the north eastern shore. A great sight to see even without a catch.

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