Still close to home

Mum looks to the skies whilst 2H concentrates on lunch! Image from the Forestry Commission camera

The youngsters at the two nests are still using their birthplaces for feeding and, occasionally, sitting. Nest 1 is empty more of the time than Nest 2; with just the one (and the earlier) fledging this is to be expected. There is no evidence yet that the youngsters are catching their own fish. The male 2H on Nest 2 flew onto the nest holding a tail end yesterday but it was obviously the remains of one he’d been eating earlier. At least he’s mastered carrying and flying! On Nest 1, the youngster was calling for a fish yesterday afternoon to no avail. Some of the calls sound quite plaintive, but others are more impatient squawks! The adults now tend to feed them less to encourage them to try to fish  themselves.

The adult females could be starting their migration to West Africa very soon, especially from Nest 1 where fledging occurred first. On Nest 2 the mother is still on and off the nest during the day.

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One Response to Still close to home

  1. vivinfrance says:

    Some youngsters never seem to want to leave the nest! Still, you’ll be sad when they’re gone.

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