All systems go on Nest 2!

The Nest 2 pair fledged today, just after 12:30!

Up and away! The first flight for 2H. Image from the Forestry Commission camera

There had been quite a bit of wing flapping and jumping during the morning, which was a sunshine and showers day with a brisk breeze. The male 2H had been more active than the female 1H, with some very high leaps. He was in what spectators assumed was the middle of a series of these when those disappearing legs just didn’t come into view again! We and 1H watched as his shadow on the grass below the nest showed he was no longer above the nest but circling around. After about 40 seconds there was a bit of a clumsy landing in the corner, and that was that!

The female chick starts her take off as her brother perches on the very edge of the nest. Image from the Forestry Commission camera

Both youngsters looked into the sky, possibly at a parent, and shortly after 1H started doing her rev up. Then she too was aloft, with 2H watching her circling around for just a few seconds less than him, and make a slightly smoother landing. Within 5 minutes mum was on the nest to check out her offspring. And dad may not have been far away as within an hour he had brought a fish in to replace all those burned off calories.


Watch out below! 1H makes her first landing. Image from the Forestry Commission camera

After eating, the youngsters rested for the rest of the day. And the audience left with something to remember. Whilst great to witness (what a shame the nestcam doesn’t pan around, though!) it is a milestone that marks the beginning of the end of nestcam viewing now that all three youngsters are flying. By mid September those wings must be strong enough to take them to Africa, and the big new challenge before that is to learn to fish successfully.

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