Round in circles

Sheltering from the rain (c) Sally Hutt

It was a showery day at the Osprey Watch.  When we arrived there were 2 birds on the nest and one flying around. Between 10.00 and 11.00 the fledgling took several short flights from the top of the camera pole.  One of the adults could be seen perched in a tree to the left of the nest and at one point all three birds were seen in the air.

Spot the fledgling on the top of a tree.
Taken through a telescope by Duncan Hutt.

The youngster spent a lot of the rest of the day either perched on top of the camera pole or in the nest with an adult on top of the pole.  The landing in a tree in the early afternoon was not particularly graceful but at 15.40 she had a brief flight and was more succesful.  Then she could be seen for a while perched at the top of a tree some way to the left of the nest before another rain shower passed over.  One adult and the fledgling were back at the nest – one on the pole and one on the nest – by 16.10 and were still there when we packed up at 17.00 in the rain.

It felt like there were fewer visitors around today but we recorded 93, most of whom were holidaying in the area.  We had a couple from Belgium, a family from Germany and a few specifically coming up to catch the final weekend.  As ever the enthusiasm of the visitors helped make it all seem worthwhile.

Sally & Duncan

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2 Responses to Round in circles

  1. vivinfrance says:

    The end of Osprey watch feels like the end of summer – which never came for you. Who will catch the moment when they leave? These despatches have been most informative, and my thanks are also due to Joanna and the rest of the team who braved rain, and midges to bring them to us.

    PS I couldn’t spot the fledgling through the telescope, but what an amazing photograph!

  2. thehutts says:

    There is still time today to get a chance to look through the telescopes at Leaplish and the pair of osprey chicks on nest 2 can be watched on the live video feed to Kielder Castle. It may take them another week before they take their first flights.
    I am sure that Joanna, Forestry Commission rangers, Kelly from Northumberland Wildlife Trust and other staff and visitors to Kielder will be keeping a watchful eye over the new fledglings. There will be more blog posts when we have anything to report.

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