Ospreywatch Report: 25 July. The nest is bare(-ish)!

The weather was dry and mainly sunny early in the day, but cloudier after 14:00 when visibility towards the nest became hazy at times. As we set up, two birds flew from the nest, and for rest of day there was minimal activity on it. The youngster was in the nest from 10:00 to 10:45 and again for about ten minutes at 14:30. An osprey sat on the camera pole in mid afternoon although the youngster wasn’t in the nest then. No feeding activity was observed at all today.

There were sightings though – up to 3 ospreys, numbers varying, were visible on the tree tops around the nest area so telescopes could be focused on perching birds. And ospreys were seen around Leaplish too. At 15:10 two were observed for five minutes from the viewing area looking over the Boat Inn roof, disappearing off into the distance. At the same time one osprey flew over Leaplish, going left to right over the Hawkhirst scout camp ridge and attempting to fish at the point, then crossing the water to go left to right in front of the viewing area before disappearing into trees opposite us.  At 16:30 we saw a flight by a single osprey left to right opposite us on the other side of the main body of water, going out of sight behind the line of trees beside the viewing area.

Although at times nothing was visible, 109 visitors were enthusiastic, interested even in an empty nest and in finding out more about our ospreys.

Joe, Lynda and Neil

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