Steady progress on Nest 2

The male chick has a go at tearing off a bit of fish for himself. Image from the Forestry Commission camera

All the right development is taking place on Nest 2. The two chicks are spending most of their time doing nothing much, but they are preening regularly, eating whenever the opportunity arises and taking some exercise in preparation for flight.

Both chicks have started to practise holding a fish in their talons and tearing morsels off, but the female is doing most of the feeding. The male is still the provider.

The male chick shows sister and mum his wingspan. Image from the Forestry Commission camera

Sometimes a little bit of wing flapping takes place on haunches but they are getting more able to stand properly and do quite vigorous movement without losing balance.

It is still probably at least a week before the pair fly, which would be at a slightly older point than the Nest 1 offspring. She had the advantage of no competition for food for most of her life.

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