Wet and windy yet again

A wet fledgling looks fed up! Image from the Forestry Commission camera

The weather at Kielder Water and Forest Park has been miserable for both ospreys and humans today. On Nest 1, apart from having half a fish whilst her mother ate the rest, Blue HO has hunkered down interspersed with some few and far between wing flaps. And they were probably to get herself drier, not prepare for a spin! She should be able to pick up the pace again after tomorrow, when the weather is forecast to improve.



Miserable Monday. Image from the Forestry Commission camera

On Nest 2, for most of the morning the younger pair sat together as the adult female tried to offer a bit of protection. It is noticeable that in better weather over the last couple of days the youngsters have often been standing on their feet rather than squatting on their haunches, and they are having a go at tearing off bits of fish for themselves rather than relying on their mother. Both are signs they are maturing.

There is some wing flapping, but it is likely to be a couple of weeks before they take to the skies.

Not much room in a smallish nest for mum and sibling when a wing stretch is underway! Image from the Forestry Commission camera

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3 Responses to Wet and windy yet again

  1. Liz says:

    I love reading about the osprey and following their progress. Are there any plans to introduce a live webcam/nestcam like some of the other sites have?

  2. joannadailey says:

    Glad you like the blog. Insufficient upload bandwidth (think that’s the right term, I’m not an IT expert) and other technical issues mean a live webcam is unlikely in the near future.

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