A lazy day

The telescope is covered in the rain as visibility of the nest is lost

Despite the promising leap into the world of the airborne for the nest 1 chick on Friday it seems in little hurry to build on this newly acquired expertise.  As Osprey Watch was set up it showed the youngster and the female perched on the nest – to the side, in a rather bare looking tree, sat the male.  There was a family fly around for a few minutes at 10:45 then an hour or so of little happening.  The male left for a lunchtime hunt in the direction of Bakethin but the weather took an unexpected turn into misty gloom leaving us with no view nestwards for a couple of hours, though a fish meal was taken at 14:45.

The afternoon settled again with the morning status quo except for the fact that for most of it the female sat on top of the camera pole.  A take off by the fledgling, at 15:30, promised much but delivered the briefest of flights.  The female seemed to be trying desperately to encourage more aeronautical adventuring and was rewarded at 16:30 with a much longer flight lasting all of a minute; an uncertain landing showed how much the youngster still has to learn before she can become a proficient flier, let alone fisher.  Perhaps we can give her a bit of sympathy, the weather was either windy or wet and this was clearly a factor on nest 2 where staff at Kielder Castle reported that very little had happened with chicks hunkered down on a waving platform.  After 16:45 the weather hemmed in again and the nest was lost into the gloom.  Even the camera link seemed to be struggling against the adverse weather at times.

There were 75 visitors to the watch, most managed to turn up when the views were good or came back again when visibility was restored.  When the nest was visible it was through clear and stable air giving very sharp views of the family hanging about in their respective positions.

Duncan, Joanna & Sally

About thehutts

The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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2 Responses to A lazy day

  1. vivinfrance says:

    There was I imagining that you would be enjoying the same glorious weather we have here, the first of the so-called summer. What a shame about the mist. The look of the watch site is much more sophisticated than when I was there ?two years ago.

  2. thehutts says:

    The Watch site has moved to Leaplish since you came. It used to be at an old car park further up the road. Now it is beside a restaurant which is handy for teas and coffees.

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